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How to Assemble Your Own Jaybilizer 3000 Camera Stabilizer

What is the Jaybilizer 3000?

The Jaybilizer 3000 is the DIY open source version of the Jaybilizer camera stabilizer.
The Jaybilizer 3000 started out as a DIY Merlin-type Steadicam project. I wanted something that was better than the “barbell on a stick” type of camera stabilizer but not as expensive as a Stedicam Merlin or even a Glide-Cam 1000. I assembled a couple prototypes, dubbed the JayCam Mk1 and the JayCam Mk2 before coming up with the final design which I am calling the Jaybilzer 3000. You can assemble and modify your own rig to work with your camera. I’ve posted the DIY parts list here:Jaybilizer Parts list and the “How to assemble a Jaybilizer 3000” video below.

By assembling the stabilizer by yourself, it will only cost you about $110 for parts, hardware and paint. Saving you hundreds of dollars over other equivalent camera stabilizers, and you will have the satisfaction of having built it yourself.

You can assemble your own stabilizer by using the Vangaurd QS-48PF (available here: http://www.adorama.com/VGPQ46.html  )rather than Manfrotto 3273 quick release adapter and the custom bridge plate ( which I demonstrate in the DIY video) you no longer need the Jaybilizer 3000 bridge plate when assembling your own Jaybilizer 3000.

*** Please Note, if you use the Vangaurd QS-48PF, you do not need the bridge plate mentioned in the video.***