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Richard Allen Crook shares his review of the Jaybilizer HDSLR 2.0

Following is Richard Allen Crook review of the jabilizer HDSLR from the  Planet 5D blog. ” The Jaybilizer HDSLR 2.0 Stabilizer is a simple yet effective stabilizer option for those not needing a full stabilizer rig. The unit is only $249 and you even have the option to build your own unit by following the instructions on the website. Some of the Positives: Small, light, and easy to use Doesn’t require a degree in stabilizer operation Easy to balance with the forward/back and side/side adjustment plates Great low price with DIY option Some of the Negatives: Gimble movement translates slightly to the unit. (The more you can move the handle without affecting the unit the better) Bottom of unit tends to bump into forearm Side/side balancing adjustment needs to start further to the left due to DSLRs being rightside-heavy. Overall for the price and even considering the negatives (that can be worked around), this is a great tool for the DSLR users’ toolbox. Richard Allen Crook a director and cinematographer and owner of Crooked Path Films in Dallas, TX.”

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