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New Improved V2.0 Jaybilizer HDSLR

All new Jaybilizers are now shipping with the new improved external side adjustment thumbscrew.

Close Up New Jaybilizer External Side Balance Adjustment Screw

New External Side Balance Screw

The new stainless steel thumbscrew makes it easier than ever to balance your Jaybilizer HDSLR. Now, you do not have to remove the quick release plate in order to adjust the side to side balance of your camera rig, just loosen the screw, adjust side balance and tighten the thumbscrew, The thumbscrew along with the front-to-back balance adjustment  knob and the dual spirit levels, make the Jaybilizer HDSLR  a snap to balance your DSLR camera and start getting those smooth steady shots that take your cinematography to the next level.

The Jaybilizer HDSLR is the first affordable camera stabilizer that is optimized for shooting with the new generation of digital SLR Cameras that shoot high definition video. The Jaybilizer HDSLR is a Merlin-type camera stbilizer optimized for the Canon 5DMk2 and other DSLR cameras weighing between2 lbs ( .9 kg) and 4 lbs (1.8 kg.)

Key features:

Comfort cushioned grip
Heavy duty yet lightweight
Easy balancing
Smooth steady shots for shooting Hi-Definition video

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Have you ever thought about a two-handed jaybillizer? I think would definitely help holding they weight, specialy in long shots

*they = the


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